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Redefined Goals for Ride Season 2019

I am a person who thrives off of goal-making, planning and progression. So I find it a little odd that I never took the time at the beginning of 2019 to make goals for myself (and Sego). Now that our first ride of the season is out of the way, I have come up with some goals that I’d like to share here.

Sego and I coming out of a hail storm at Antelope Island 2019. Photo Credit @The Equestrian Vagabond- Merri Melde, http://www.theequestrianvagabond.com

1. Attend All Utah Limited Distance Rides

Sego and I will be in Utah for the summer. Luckily for us, there is a good-sized endurance community here and plenty of neat rides (4 to be exact). Antelope Island (complete!), Mt. Carmel, Strawberry Fields, and Outlaw and the Virgin. With Sego being so young, I don’t want to do a 50 this year. I want a solid season of completed 25’s so we both have a good idea how to finish a 50. A slow 50 will be next season’s goal! I cannot wait for some of these southern Utah rides, it has been a long time since I’ve ridden in the red rocks.

2. 100% Completion Rate

This one is kind of a no-brainer, as it is likely every endurance rider’s goal for the season. I specifically want to aim for a travelling pace of 5-7 mph (terrain depending) and get Sego to pulse down in 5-10 minutes. While I plan on doing slow 25’s all season, I’d like to amp up Sego’s training… just a little! Now that she nearly has a year of long, slow distance and three completed LDs, I feel ready to introduce some speed work in intervals to increase her fitness over short distances. Every other week we will begin “speed play”, sort of high-intensity-interval training for horses. I can’t wait to finally let her speed trot, canter, and gallop a little! I am sure she will appreciate it too.

3. Increase My Horsemanship and Begin Recording Data

Knowing and understanding Sego’s needs will just come with more experience out on the trail, but I want to be a lot more familiar with her heart rates. A heart monitor would be useful, but not available to me at this time and I want to get solid with the old-fashion method…. a timer and a stethoscope. I want to know how her training is affecting her… how time of the month affects her, as well as weather, terrain, and other variables. Being the science nerd that I am (and having spent the last 6+ years of my life gathering data), I have started a spreadsheet for Sego’s training that records the date, resting heart rate, type of workout, distance and average speed, max speed (for fun), 10 minute heart rate, 20 minute heart rate, weather and comments. I can’t wait to gather this data and have it to refer to, as well as see tangible progress. Nerd alert!!

This spring weather makes me so incredibly happy, and now that Sego has had a week off from Antelope Island, it’s time to get back to work. Good luck out there… now get out and ride!

PS- Are you attending the rides at Mt. Carmel beginning of May? Reach out and say hi!


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